Eaton Fine Art - Programs

Recent Educational Events:

January 21, 2010
Symposium: Anti Icon
Panelists: Carl Andre, Rosemarie Castoro, Martin Kline, Melissa Kretschmer, Joseph Marioni
Moderator: Barbara Rose

February 23, 2007
Hopperâ¬"s Silence
Film and Lecture by Brian Oâ¬"Doherty

February 2, 2007
Jackson Pollock: The Man and the Myth & Lee Krasner: The Long View
Films and Lecture by Barbara Rose

Saturday, March 11, 2006
Working with Joan Mitchell
Lecture by Hank Hine, Founder of Limestone Press and currently Director of The Salvador DalĂ­ Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Saturday, March 5, 2005
The Flower in American Art
Lecture by Ella Foshay, Author of Reflections of Nature: Flowers in American Art.

December 18, 2004
The History and Art of ULAE
Lecture by Bill Goldston, President and Director of ULAE, Universal Limited Art Editions.

March 20, 2004
When Art Came to West Palm Beach: Adventures, Tales and Recollections
Lecture by Robert Hunter, Founding Director of The Norton Gallery and School of Art.

March 6, 2004
The Art and Life of William Aiken Walker: Illustrated Slide Lecture
Lecture by Robert M. Hicklin, Jr.

December 2, 2003
A conversation with Charles Schwab on money, investing, art and the future.
Organized in partnership with U.S. Trust Company of Florida.

December 14, 2002
The Life of Alexander Archipenko
Lecture by Francis Archipenko Gray

April 4, 2002
Artists & Writers and Husbands & Wives
Readings by the Writers: Peter Plagens, Laurie Fendrich, Brian O'Doherty / Patrick Ireland, Barbara Novak

The Future of Museums
A Lecture Series
February 15, 2002, Philippe de Montebello
March 1, 2002, David Ross
March 15, 2002, Thomas Krens

March 8, 2001
Antique Garden Ornament: Two Centuries of American Taste

Lecture by Barbara Israel

January 31, 2001
Symposium: American Sculpture Rediscovered
Panelists: Michele Bogart, Janis Conner, Eric Baumgartner, William Gerdts
Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton

January 9, 2001
Symposium: The Art of Criticism/The Criticism of Art

Panelists: Lewis Baltz, Anthony Korner, Thomas McEvilley , Peter Plagens,
Bruce Wolmer
Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton

March 25, 2000
Bernard Rabin: Reflections, Secrets & Stories of a Master Conservator
Lecture by Bernard Rabin

February 2, 2000
Symposium: Art Out of Doors: Public and Private Issues
Panelists: Brian O'Doherty , Martin Margulies, Bernar Venet, AndrĂ© Emmerich, Dennis Oppenheim
Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton

January 29, 1999
Symposium: Representation and Abstraction: John Marin's Sea

Panelists: Louis Zona, Martha Fleischman, Dahlia Morgan, Richard York, Barbara Rose Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton

December 17, 1998
Dennis Oppenheim: Dialogue/Lecture

Alexandra Anderson-Spivy

January 30, 1998
Symposium: Joseph Stella's Botanical Images: Meaning and Diversity

Panelists: Bernard Rabin, Richard York, Barbara Rose, Barbara Haskell,
Françoise Rambach
Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton

March 21, 1997
Symposium: Frank Lloyd Wright: The Chair as Architecture

Panelists: Penny Fowler, Diane Camber, Mary Anna Eaton, Randolph Henning
Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton

January 24, 1997
Symposium: Martin Johnson Heade: An American Iconoclast

Panelists: Barbara Novak, Lawrence Fleischman, Sandra Barghini, Richard Frank
Moderator: Timothy A. Eaton